A report prepared for agency approval cannot occur without detailed and accurate mapping.  EEC has the experience to prepare mapping products that provide our clients with a complete understanding of our projects.  A well-prepared map is designed to organize and present project related details in an accurate and aesthetically pleasing fashion.  EEC can present a various array of environmental information onto a map or map set that provides our clients with consistently formatted and balanced mapping products.


GIS Analysis: Utilizes GIS and CAD technology to graphically analyze and display environmental features in support of biological and ecological services including environmental impact assessments, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation, endangered species, fish and wildlife habitat, wetland and waterway delineations, noise impacts, soil distribution and hazardous material locations.

EEC successfully uses GIS mapping to:

  • Develop alternatives to facilitate agency reviews and approvals
  • Develop and maintain program specific geographic information system (GIS) data layers from vector sources
  • Research, analyze, and incorporate All Source data, maintaining elements of the GIS database, including source metadata.
  • Produce standardized and custom maps for environmental report documents.
  • Conduct Geospatial analysis to prepare recommendations for actions.

Our GIS experts have the experience to extract environmental data from multiple sources to provide:

  • Accurate and Rapid Data Collection
  • Wetland, Riparian Areas, Wildlife Habitat, Prairie Restoration Area Location
  • Detailed Positioning
  • As-built Drawings and Schematics
  • Feature Layout and Mapping
  • Visual Project and Progress Presentations
  • Site Plan Analysis
  • Graphical Interface with Multiple Project Components
  • Database Management

GIS and Mapping

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