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Eagle Environmental Consulting, Inc. (EEC) is a full service environmental consulting company that has provided environmental based services for clients in the private and public sectors for the last 20 years. Our clientele includes Federal, State, County, and City Governments, lending institutions, commercial developers, engineering firms, environmental consulting companies, and private citizens. When you choose to work with us, you have over 75 years of multi-disciplinary combined experience on your team.  Our goal and mission is to provide you with professional, quality, broad, and timely environmental services to facilitate completion of your projects!

The following information describing our services and capabilities is provided for your convenience.

NEPA Documentation

• Categorical Exclusions
• Environmental Impact Assessments
• Impact Statements
• Public Involvement, Meetings, Hearings

Wetland Delineations and Jurisdictional Waterway Determinations

•  Identify Locations, Acreages, and Boundaries of Existing Areas
•  Establish Riparian Corridor Functional Areas and/or Zones

Section 404 of the Clean Water Act Permitting and Acquisition

• Ability, Expertise, and Experience to Address All Levels of Permitting
• Compensatory Mitigation Area Design and Construction Management

Wetland and Waterway Design, Development, Construction, and Management

• Restoration, Creation, Enhancement, and Preservation
• Multi-component Site Plan Design, Criteria Selection, Layout, Planning
• Conceptual, Preliminary, and Final Designs intended to Encourage and Incorporate Project Proponent Input
• Vegetation Selection, Regeneration, and Installation
• Implementation and Construction Management of Wetland and Waterway Designs

Wetland and Waterway Area Monitoring

• Site Progression Monitoring
• Monitor Natural Progression of Restored, Created, Enhanced, and Preserved Areas
• Prepare maps and exhibits to identify mitigation area progress and accounting

Fish and Wildlife Habitat Assessments

• Fish and Wildlife Species Inventories
• Botanical and Faunal Inventories
• Project Area Habitat Characterizations to Establish Baseline Conditions
• Impact determinations and mitigation plan development

Threatened and Endangered (T&E) Species Site Assessment and Habitat Surveys

• Prepare Biological Assessments and USFWS Consultations
• Presence/Absence Surveys for Identified/Expected Endangered Species

Archaeological and Historical Resource Investigations

• Records Searches, Cultural Resource Field Surveys
• Historical Features and/or Structure Resources
• Pre-historical Resources

Metals Testing in Soils

Global Positioning System (GPS) & Geographical Information System (GIS)

• Accurate and Rapid Data Collection
• Wetland, Riparian Areas, Wildlife Habitat, Prairie Restoration Area Location
• Detailed Positioning
• As-built Drawings and Schematics
• Feature Layout and Mapping
• Asset Management
• Visual Project and Progress Presentations
• Site Plan Analysis
• Graphical Interface with Multiple Project Components
• Database Management

Environmental Site Assessment & REC's

• Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
• Lead Based Paint Sampling
• Asbestos Surveys
• Water Sampling

Traffic Noise Impact Assessment and Modeling

• Ambient Noise Level Determinations
• Projected Noise Level Modeling
• Sound Barrier Design

Bioengineering and Fluvial Geomorphology Restoration

• Stream Bank Stabilization
• Non-invasive Methodologies to Ensure Waterway Course Locations

Regulatory Compliance Issue Resolution and Permit Acquisition

• City, County, State, and Federal levels

Stormwater Management Plan Development

• Site Runoff Models
• Sedimentation Plans
• Erosion Control Plans

Water Quality Monitoring, Determinations, and Assessments

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